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Speakers announced

Speakers announced

Speakers at APACT '18 will include:

  • Thomas De Beer, Ghent University, Belgium - “Model based optimal process analyzer implementation in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes”
  • Lee Smith, Process Instruments, USA - “Raman applications throughout the petroleum refinery - Crude unit to blending”
  • Christoph Herwig, Technical University of Vienna, Austria - “Multi-parametric control strategies for enabling continuous biomanufacturing”
  • Tom Rodgers, The University of Manchester, UK - “Electrical Tomography for on-line process monitoring”
  • Vicki Woodward/Nicholas Pedge, AstraZeneca, UK - “Establishment and lifecycle management of Transmission Raman Spectroscopy for near-time monitoring”
  • Chee Wee, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES), Singapore - “Scaling up batch polymorphic crystallization using PAT/QbD approach”
  • Sean Bermingham, Process Systems Enterprise (ADDopT), UK - “Digital design (and operation) of drug products and their manufacturing processes”
  • Patrick Wray, Bristol-Myers Squibb, UK - “High speed video analysis and modelling as techniques for scale up of wet granulation”

APACT '18 announced

APACT '18 announced

Apact '18 will take place from Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th April 2018, at The Hilton Gateshead Hotel in Newcastle.