The 2024 conference has now concluded.

Delegates who attended are able to view the presentations via the delegate area


What is APACT?

The CPACT consortium organises APACT as an open forum for the presentation and discussion of scientific and engineering innovations in any aspect of process monitoring, data analysis, process modeling and process control. Unlike some conferences it is not sector specific, but aims to promote learning across industries, highlighting recent advances and the benefits achieved.

The safety, environmental, sustainability and financial benefits of advanced process analysis, modeling and control have never been more important to the pharmaceutical, chemicals, materials, oil/petrochemicals, biotechnology and food industries, and many others. APACT focuses on technological advances that can make a real difference to the process industries.

The conference is multi-disciplinary and is smaller than multi-session events, so has plenty of opportunity for networking.

APACT USA will feature:

  • Invited and submitted talks
  • Posters (Including a prize for best poster)
  • Flash poster presentations
  • Exhibition
  • Exhibitors showcase sessions (unique format to APACT)
  • Welcome reception and researchers showcase
  • Inclusive social activities
  • Pre-conference courses
  • Student Scholarships

Who should attend?

The conference is aimed at:
  • Senior managers, scientists and engineers in the process industries
  • Academics specializing in analytical science, multivariate data analysis, process modeling, control technologies and other related disciplines
  • Companies that develop and market products for process analysis, data analysis and modeling and control

Quotes from delegates who attended APACT in the UK:

Very well organised, enjoyable conference.
Great presentations – the relevance to industry has been fantastic.
Interesting presentations and from different fields.
The Flash Poster presentations were excellent.
Wherever you are, we hope you will be able to join us at APACT in New Brunswick, NJ, USA.