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The financial, safety, environmental and sustainability benefits of process analysis and control (PAC) technologies have never been more important to modern manufacturing in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, materials, petrochemicals, biotechnology, food industries, and many others.

APACT is an open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and engineering advances relevant to process analytics and control technologies. Plenary and keynote speakers will report recent advances in the development and application of novel process analytics, predictive modelling and control technologies, and will review the benefi ts achieved.

APACT 22 will feature:

  • Invited and submitted talks
  • Posters (Click here to view the list of posters and presenters - Posters)
  • Flash Poster Presentations
  • Exhibition
  • Welcome Reception and Young Researchers Showcase (Researchers who wish to take part should prepare a 10 min presentation about themselves to include a video of their lab and facilities)
  • Exhibitors Showcase sessions (unique to APACT)
  • Pre-conference courses
  • Inclusive social activities
  • Special features to celebrate CPACT’s 25th Anniversary

APACT 22 Conference Themes:
• Advances in process engineering modelling and control
• Developments in bioprocess analysis and control
• New methodologies in data analysis and modelling
• Advances in process analysis technologies
• Digital manufacturing
• Sustainability and the circular economy
Who should attend?

The conference is aimed at:
- Senior managers, scientists and engineers in the process industries
- Academics specialising in analytical science, control technologies and other
related disciplines
- Companies that develop and market process analysis, data analysis and modelling
and control technologies

Quotes from previous delegates
“Great presentations - the relevance to industry has been fantastic”
“I enjoyed th conference a lot, very well organised and stimulating content”
“The ‘exhibitors showcase’ was a great format which i’ve never come across before and
found it a great way of introducing a bit of fun”
“A good time was had by all and the presentations were very interesting”


CPACT's 25th Anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT) which organises APACT. To celebrate the event, APACT 22 will include a number of additional features in the scientific and social programmes. For more information on CPACT and what it offers to its member organisations, visit