Invited speakers

Invited speakers at the conference include:

Process Measurement for Formulation Processes

Hugh Stitt
Johnson Matthey, United Kingdom

Drug product supply chains enabled by continuous manufacturing

Liz Meehan
AstraZeneca (REMEDIES)

Software sensors and inferential estimation - Industrial case studies

Julian Morris

Model based optimal process analyzer implementation

Thomas De Beer
Ghent University, Belgium

Raman applications throughout the petroleum refinery - Crude unit to blending

Lee Smith
Process Instruments, USA

Multi-parametric control strategies for enabling continuous biomanufacturing

Christoph Herwig
Technical University of Vienna, Austria

Electrical Tomography for on-line process monitoring

Tom Rodgers
The University of Manchester, UK

Establishment and lifecycle management of Transmission Raman Spectroscopy for near-time monitoring

Vicki Woodward/Nicholas Pedge
AstraZeneca, UK

Digital design (and operation) of drug products and their manufacturing processes

Sean Bermingham
Process Systems Enterprise (ADDopT), UK

High speed video analysis and modelling as techniques for scale up of wet granulation

Patrick Wray
Bristol-Myers Squibb, UK

Scaling up batch polymorphic crystallization using PAT/QbD approach

Wee Chew
Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES), Singapore