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The financial, safety and environmental benefits of process analysis and control (PAC) technologies have never been more important to modern manufacturing in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, materials, petrochemicals, biotechnology, food industries, and many others.

The benefits of in-process measurements, real-time data mining and predictive modelling include:
- Improved process effi ciency or conversion
- Reduction of waste products
- Better safety
- Improved fundamental understanding of your process
- Reduced “time-to-market”

APACT is an open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and engineering advances relevant to process analytics and control technologies. Plenary and keynote speakers will report recent advances in the development and application of novel process analytics, predictive modelling and control technologies, and will review the benefits achieved. Following the success of previous conferences, APACT 22 will be a 3 day meeting featuring plenary and parallel sessions on topics crucial to the achievement of manufacturing excellence.

The conference is aimed at:
- Senior managers, scientists and engineers in the process industries
- Academics specialising in analytical science, control technologies and other
related disciplines
- Companies that develop and market PAC technologies

The programme will feature invited and contributed lectures, poster presentations and a vendor exhibition, including the unique APACT Exhibitor Showcase. The meeting is an ideal forum for networking and information gathering on PAC. Those new to process analysis or process control will benefit from the friendly atmosphere that typifies an APACT conference.